The Purpose, Necessity, and Advantages of Building Skyscrapers

Johannesburg skyline and “Hillbrow Tower

Sometime in February 2016, a proposal for a hyper-tall building was reported by international media houses. However, the building was then proposed in Japan and it is was set to be built in Tokyo before 2045. This building is reported to rise to a height two times than the Burj Khalifa. That was a great initiative. But wasn’t 2045 a bit too late? Yes, 2045 is too late. That is why the same developer who developed Burj Khalifa came up with a new idea of the tallest building that can be completed in 2020 just before the Dubai World EXPO.

But one would wonder what exactly will these tallest buildings bring? On that note, let’s take a look at some advantages that these tallest buildings bring.

Skyscrapers Can Beautify and Modernize the Cityscape

The seeming necessity is not what skyscraper developers consider. What actually separates humans from animals is that we are not only after the necessity to survive. Rather, we also need spiritual enjoyment. If we were only after necessities then there would be no need for the style of clothes, colours or real money casinos south africa games. However, to have a hyper-tall tower added to the city it must make sure that it beautify and modernize the city and it has to be very attractive.

Skyscrapers Improve the Identity of the City

A lot of renowned cities have their own landmark buildings in most cases they are their icon images. This is actually the key components that make the city more unique and different from other cities. The most well-known examples are the Eiffel Tower in Paris France and the Empire State Building in New York. The said landmark buildings could heavily improve the identity of the city. Every time when one heard Dubai they will then think of the Burj Khalifa.

Moreover, a well-built skyscraper will also bring value to the city and the country at large. If you are eager to visit these tall buildings, you can start by playing best payout online slot america and win real money so that you will be in the right position to travel.

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