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5 Brands with the best Quartz wristwatch

– – What quartz watches lack in craftsmanship, it makes up in terms of functionality and looks. Quartz watches are less sort after than mechanical watches and can offer so many benefits that are sometimes overlooked. First, quartz watches are battery-powered, so they are precise and accurate around the clock. Unlike mechanical watches, they don’t need winding to function correctly. Many modern and old-time wristwatch companies have delved into the world of battery-powered wristwatches. This means there are a plethora of choices out there. There are so many things to…

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5 Best investment wristwatch for aspiring collectors in 2021

– – New wristwatches can be pricey and flashy but the wristwatch world is dominated by vintage wristwatches. These timepieces seem to be the center of attention at auctions and wristwatch retail stores. These older wristwatch models are mostly limited editions, and collectors scamper to have them in their possession. There are different brands of watches that people can choose to invest in, but there are only a handful of the best wrist watches to invest in. When looking for a watch that is of good quality and at a…

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