The Greatest Show on Earth: UN General Assembly?

It is that time of the year again. New York becomes the dream spot for virtually every Foreign Policy Junkie around the World. Every World Leader except for a few venture to the United Nations for the Annual Session of the General Assembly. This year a question on Facebook actually pondered which Leader would give the most off-the-wall speech this… Read More

Finally Receiving the Proper Diligence from its Peers

When one generally hears about the situation regarding Zimbabwe there are several thoughts that come to mind most immediately. There have been problems with an Independent Media surviving under severe Government Regulation, Members of the Judiciary who dare show any form of Independent Thought are forced to retire, Minority Farm Owners have had their farms seized under a controversial yet... Read More

A Chilling Report to Congress

Thirteen months ago we noticed as both the Senate and the House of Representatives in the United States undertook the large task of Financial Reform. The goal was to prevent the meltdown that occurred back in 2008. Recently one part of that endeavor was accomplished to little or no fanfare but it is very critical to US Policy. One of… Read More