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Zambia: Patriotic Front Should Bear the Blame for Violence

By Henry Kyambalesa The Patriotic Front (PF), the ruling political party in Zambia, should bear the blame for all the socioeconomic ills currently facing the country. Such socioeconomic ills include the high level of corruption, the country’s declining economic performance, the high level of government-secured debts, the unprecedented levels of poverty and inequality, and the current escalation of political violence, among a host of other socioeconomic problems and crises. With respect to the current spate of political violence, the following age-old proverb renders the verdict: “The fish start rotting from…

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Zambia: We Can Have Violence-Free Elections!

By Henry Kyambalesa* “[Muchinga Province] … is a bedroom for President Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Muchinga remains so. And we as his sons are always ready to take care of the bedroom, to even kill the cockroaches as well as the rats that enter our father’s bedroom. That is our responsibility.”—PF official warning UPND supporters and their president and, by extension, other political parties and their leaders and supporters. Accessed at the following Web link: Well, there you have it, fellow Zambians! As I have maintained before in one of…

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