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Man captured defecating openly at Ghana’s Presidency

A man in Ghana has done the unthinkable by defecating at the seat of government. The unidentified man has been captured by a camera hiding behind a reservoir around the Presidency in Ghana’s capital Accra to answer nature’s call. A picture of the man has gone viral showing him squatting on a polythene bag to defecate. It’s unclear if he was seen by the presidential guards and what action was subsequently taken. This will not be the first time the Jubilee House has been desecrated in such a manner. The…

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India: Two kids killed for ‘defecating in the open’

In India, two men in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh are being held for allegedly killing two children for defecating in the open. Indian police say Roshni, 12, and Avinash, 10, were attacked on Wednesday while defecating near a village road. BBC reports that the children’s family revealed that they had no toilet at home. Roshni and Avinash were cousins. Avinash’s father, Manoj, says he cannot afford to build a toilet at his house. Police superintendent Rajesh Chandel was quoted by the BBC Hindi’s Shuraih Niazi as saying that “The…

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