The first reaction to truth is hatred

Jennifer Fierberg Interviewed Noble Marara on Rwanda, Political Parties, and the Rwandese living in diaspora By: Jennifer Fierberg with Noble Marara JF: You have been away from Rwanda for more than ten years. Your series ‘Behind the Presidential Curtains’ has exposed many unknown facts about President Paul Kagame and how he governs Rwanda. What are your thoughts on the current… Read More

Behind The Presidential Curtains: A Summon to my good old Comrades

With the on-going continued cut of President Kagame’s Foreign aid by his long time Western sponsors for the last week or so due to his continued cruelty to our Congolese brethren I feel compelled to speak on this subject. Kagame has done this by directly supporting the M23 rebel group which is on the brink of capturing the city of… Read More

Behind The Presidential Curtains: A hungry president the truth behind Congo war

After the overthrow of Mobutu of Zaire and naming it Democratic Republic of Congo, Paul Kagame was convinced that his Government will have the biggest access of Congo’s wealth and the right to do whatever he wished without any hindrance. Kagame made Desire Kabila the new president of the DRC, convincing himself that he would use him to control and… Read More

Behind the Presidential Curtain: President Kagame and his house staff

By: Noble Marara In 1994, our soldiers went out from Byumba to Musha, when I talk of our soldiers I mean the high command alongside President Kagame, they found a child of three years old her parents had been killed. Though she was three she had been sent to explain more about herself. She was unable to provide her own… Read More