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Fulani herdsmen shot in fresh attacks on them in Ghana

– – Some Fulanis have been shot in a fresh attack on the herdsmen in a village called Komanda in Ghana’s Bono East Region. The attack is believed to have been orchestrated by some farmers in the area. More than 100 cattle have also been killed with several others sustaining gun shot and machete wounds in the attack. Spokesperson for the Fulani Community in Ghana Ahmed Barry told that the attack is unwarranted and provocative. “So now if for no reason you attack me and destroy my properties what do you…

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Fulani herdsmen killed nearly 1,700 people Nigeria 

Charming Insecurity in a Sharia State?

 By Leo Igwe In recent times, Zamfara state in northern Nigeria has been plagued by incessant attacks and killings. Fulani herdsmen have reportedly carried out vicious attacks against local farmers. These attacks have led to heavy loss of lives and the displacement of persons. Efforts by state and federal governments to contain these security challenges have proved ineffective. However, some solution may be around the corner. The government of Zamfara has proposed to employ local charmers. Yes, local charmers! The government wants to deploy traditional magicians against bandits and criminals in…

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