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Fulani herdsmen shot in fresh attacks on them in Ghana

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Some Fulanis have been shot in a fresh attack on the herdsmen in a village called Komanda in Ghana’s Bono East Region.

The attack is believed to have been orchestrated by some farmers in the area.

More than 100 cattle have also been killed with several others sustaining gun shot and machete wounds in the attack.

Spokesperson for the Fulani Community in Ghana Ahmed Barry told that the attack is unwarranted and provocative.

“So now if for no reason you attack me and destroy my properties what do you expect me to do next time? This kind of behaviour by a group of people and some tribes is too much on our Fulani’s”, Barry said.

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Fulani cattle
Over hundred cattle have been killed by the attackers

Fulanis demand justice

The leadership of the Fulani community is demanding justice for several nomadic herdsmen killed for allegedly allowing their cattle to destroy farm produce.

The Fulanis are also fighting what they describe as stereotyping of herdsmen as rapists and armed robbers among others.

Ahmed Barry said instead of carrying out reprisal attacks, they will allow the police and the courts to handle the matter.

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“Our next plan of action will be court and we are waiting patiently for the police to make arrest we are peaceful and law abiding and we know the law and we will not retaliate but rather make sure the law takes it course”, he stated.

Last year, the Fulanis petitioned government over their treatment as second class citizens.

But there are yet to be effective resolution to those concerns with tension still existing between them and some locals across the country.

Ghana: 1.5 million Fulanis protest treatment as non-citizens


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