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Ghana’s slave dungeons move Steve Harvey to tears

American comedy sensation Steve Harvey who visited Ghana for holiday was on Saturday moved to tears after a visit to the country’s Elmina Castle, central of the country. The Castle built by the Portuguese once hosted slaves who were shipped to America and Europe 400 years ago. The 62-year-old Family Feud host was joined by his family at the site of the historical atrocities. Mr. Harvey and his wife emerged from a small dungeon where their ancestors were kept in a very inhumane conditions before saying goodbye to Africa into…

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U.S lawmakers weep after tour of Slave Castles in Ghana

Most members of the U.S congressional delegation that visited Ghana this week reportedly wept after touring slave castles in central part of the country. The speaker of United States congress, Nancy Pelosi on Sunday arrived in Accra leading the delegation of American lawmakers to Ghana. Pelosi led the congressional delegation to the Cape Coast and Elmina Castles on Tuesday. The delegation visited the “Door of No Return” as they participate in the Year of Return activities. The Year of Return activity is offering Africans in the Diaspora the chance to return to…

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