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Swaziland’s 50/50 Celebrations 2018

One of Africa’s last remaining monarchs, King Mswati III of Swaziland will be holding lavish celebrations in 2018 to mark his 50th birthday and celebrate Swaziland’s 50 years of independence.

The official date is yet to be released but by the standards the 40/40 celebrations set in 2008, we can expect a party fit for a king!

Thousands of warriors in leopard skin loincloths, carrying spears and cowhide shields were followed by tens of thousands of maidens into the stadium in Ezulwini, the Valley of Heaven and the royal heartland of Swaziland.

A 300-strong honour guard from the Umbutfo Swaziland Defence Force wore guards-style red jackets, and marched in to the tune of Colonel Bogey. The queen mother, or Indlovukazi – Great She-Elephant – preceded the arrival of the monarch.

A more traditional garden party preceded this very traditional celebration with numerous heads of state from across Africa in attendance.

Dates will be announced later this year, so get your dancing shoes ready!

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