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Nigerian singer J’Dess hosts listening party for ‘Ada’ in Lagos

About her upcoming EP, J’Dess notes that “It’s been quite a journey, one I certainly will embark on over and over again. This has been about 5 years in the making and it’s been a time of discovery; an incredible learning process: having to drop the old in order to embrace the new. Sounds that formed me had to be redefined.

“It feels like a lifetime since my last release, Chi efo, in May 2020 but I’ve carried this beautiful burden like a woman with child anticipating her due date. It came with anxiety, tears, self doubt, but in everything, I was certain there was life in here.

“I am not in control of your reception, but one thing is sure, Ada is beautiful. She is a gift: my first gift to the world. Ada is an entire body of work: an expression of my being, an embodiment of love and hope, a picture of life as I imagine and want it to be, a sound of joy.

“Ada is my first baby.”


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