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Malawi & Eswatini #OnMyWishlist

While we all have to stay at home for now, it’s important we keep dreaming about where we can travel once all this has passed. Tourism is vital to local communities, national economies and conservation initiatives, particularly across Africa, and it will be a crucial part of the recovery process for many countries.

We are therefore launching campaigns to inspire people to put Malawi & Eswatini on their wish lists for travel in the future.

We’ll be posting daily images & videos with regular themes on our social media channels (see below) and we will also be continuing to add regular blogs to our website.

Please help us spread these positive messages by liking and sharing with your followers.

We are also interested in sharing your own content on Malawi or Eswatini. If you are publishing any articles or blogs on either country, please alert us and/or tag us and we’ll be sure to share them. And if you have existing content (articles, blogs, videos or images) that you are happy for us to use as part of our campaign, please do send it over. Anything we use will be fully credited and we’ll tag you and link back to you.

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