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Madagascar postpones constitutional referendum

Madagascar Postpones Constitutional Referendum

Madagascar has postponed the constitutional referendum that was to be held on May 27.President Andry Rajoelina decided on Thursday to delay the vote due to an unfavourable opinion from the country’s highest judicial body.

Rajoelina called for the vote last week in order to do away with the country’s Senate and give more powers to the regions. The referendum on constitutional change was to be held at the same time as the legislative election.

Meanwhile, former head of state and now opposition leader Marc Ravolamana has accused Rajoelina of wanting to change the country’s supreme law against the will of the people. Ravalomanana said there should be one or two months wait after the installation of the National Assembly before such a referendum.

The Indian Ocean island nation’s current consitution was adopted in 2010, under the transition presided over by Rajoelina, after the army overthrew Ravalomanana.


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