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INSECURITY: Coalition Of Northern Fine-Bara With Their Empty Threats Against Dictator Buhari, By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

It is the failure and/or refusal of government to focus on good governance and on programmes and policies that have direct impact on the people that gave birth to insurgency in the country.

Unfortunately, after getting elected into office, most political office holders neglect the promises they made during the campaign period. They prefer to concentrate on activities that only enrich their families and cronies.

For decades Nigerians have been enduring the storm and thorn of uncertainty. With this economic El Dorado, religion and political palaver inflicted unhealed wounds on the two scrotum.

It is indeed saddening when a country is seriously battling with different types of political and religious ailments. In it all, the chances of surviving these political chaos are extremely narrow, alas, the country may likely be consumed by fire before 2023.

The increased level of terrorism in the North has created untold hardship and exacerbated the sustained food crisis situation, sexual molestation/slavery, and increasing wave of Internally Displaced Persons [IDPs].

The corruption of the political elite with the concomitant inequality and attendant poverty have polarised the two classes in Northern Nigeria.

Majority of victims of political misgovernance who have expressed their grievances towards government’s failure, see terrorists as a better suited group that fights for social justice.

No doubt, Nigeria is bleeding, especially the Northern part of the country. In a country where religious leaders from the North are seen as the custodians of moral and virtue of uprightness, yet this is never seen in practice.

However, they’ve seemingly shrank in their responsibilities and failed to speak the truth directly to the authorities. Their failure has resulted to the birth of several terrorist groups in the region.

The genesis of insecurity in the north metamorphosed from poverty, drug abuse, school dropout and child marriage. Meanwhile, these became possible as a result of the failure of the Nigerian Government to rise to its responsibility.

Obviously, it would seem that the acclaimed religious and political leaders in the North are unconcerned about the killings and kidnappings that have turned to a lucrative business under their watch.

Same Northern leaders who were unremorseful when the nomadic Fulani herdsmen killed, raped, maimed and slaughtered farmers on their farm land. Then it was tagged as a ‘political gimmick’ because the perpetrators were their kinsmen.

The unchecked killers ‘Miyetti-Allah’ of yesterday have become today’s bandits because of the failure of the Nigerian government to proscribe them as a terrorist organisation.

The coalition of Northern Forum known as Coalition of Fine-bara is one of the most cowardly groups in the entire history of Northern Nigeria. It seems the group’s interest supersedes that of the common people from the region.

People have been deprived of their livelihood; these same innocent people pay levies to bandits and terrorists in order to secure their farmlands and cultivate their farm produce. Yet the Coalition of fine-bara is unmoved with this stringent policies laid down by bandits and terrorists.

Hundreds of innocent people were abducted, while some were killed because they could not meet up with the ransom payment. Unfortunately, no one amongst members of this coalition came out publicly to condemn this act and call for a massive protests throughout the region.

If the eyes do not go blind, the legs can’t miss the way. No doubt, religious and political leaders have failed to secure the region and protect all the subjects under their watch.

This reprehensible attitude of the Nigerian government often results to anger amongst people and leads to insecurity in many parts of the country.

Just a few days ago, a man from Katsina State took off his house’s roof for sale in order to raise money for the release of his son from terrorists’ captivity. Imagine Dictator Buhari’s home state is under siege by terrorists. Clearly the country is not safe in the hands of these imbecilic rulers.

Things have fallen apart and the wildfire is catching up fast. If not confronted with caution, it will consume the whole country, except in the event that citizens wake up from their slumbering condition and demand for self-determination.

Sourced From Sahara Reporters

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