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Buhari And Trump: Twilights Of Undisguised Impunity And Cronyism, By Tony Omakwu

This Buhari’s administration is clearly on an undisguised ‘nothernization’ and ‘Islamization’ agenda. It is also getting a gripping handle on the art or politics of exclusion. What? Just take a cursory look at a few developments over the last 24 hours and you will understand what I mean. We are told that the Buhari administration is set to open 4 new universities to boost tertiary health care delivery system in the country. Two would be situated in Southern Nigeria (Akwa Ibom and Osun States) and 2 in North (Jigawa and Gombe States). The only consideration they had for South East and North Central is that the four existing Federal Universities of Technology (FUT) with that of Owerri and Minna being located in those god forsaken geo-political zones under Buhari’s APC government. If only Christian candidates from North Central could truly claim ease of gaining admission to FUT Minna under an invidious game of exclusion that has pervaded the institution over the past 2 decades or so. And now take a look at the list of the just constituted EFCC Board.

Apart from the Board Secretary whose tenure has been renewed for a second and final time, all others on that list are Muslims; including the South-South Rep, unless names no longer indicate creed in Nigeria. Many of us had said that this Buhari that they were trying to launder politically in the wake of the 2015 elections is an unrepentant ethno-religious chauvinist and a brutal dictator. Although his handlers were doning him in various cultural attires there were in Nigeria and gate-crashing every Christian religious occasion, we were nonplussed and knew it was a deception to get into power.

True to our predictions, the man performed woefully to the chagrin of his Northern Muslim base. And now as he coasts towards the twilight of his administration, he has begun to trample on Christian sentiments and rights with privileges of minorities in order to please his northern base. Check and see. The rancid criticism of his government over the debilitating poverty and hardship his administration has fostered on Nigeria and all the more in Northern Nigeria has receded dramatically of late. The reason is not because he has improved the lots of Nigerians lately; least of all his northern base. Rather, it’s because he has resorted to doing what he knows how to do best. Stoic nepotism, ethni-religious chauvism and crass oppression of politically disadvantages minorities. Only God can help Nigeria remain intact as an entity by the time President Muhammad Buhari finishes his tenure. For keen political watchers, this Buhari’s twilight government resembles that of America’s Donald Trump that threw custom and tradition through the window and pursued a narrow objective of his white supremacist base irrespective of anyone thought or said. Pity is that Nigerian Christians and minorities seem to have resigned to fate under Buhari. It appears that they have shouted themselves hoarse and no longer see reason to talk. Mr President has ceased to surprise Nigerian Christians and minorities with what he does or fails to do in their interests. He and his bench men appear emboldened all the more by the docility of Christians and minorities in their islamization and nothernization of governance in the country.

The have filled the hierarchy of Nigeria’s security apparatus with their ilks and cronies. Nobody can dare them it seems; and that is why he described the irksome IPOB/ESN recent rabbles as ‘a tiny dot on a circle.’ But people like us cannot keep quiet in the face of political tyranny and ethno-religious discriminations. President Buhari is busy filling all ‘juicy’ political and public service spaces with northern Muslims to the exclusion of Christians and minorities in Nigeria. This is part of a grand agenda of taking over the entire country by northern Muslims. There is an unwritten code to emasculate Nigerian Christians and minorities politically and economically. The Caliphate and northern establishment know what I am talking about and cannot feign ignorance. But let me advise Mr President and his northern Muslims coalition that the path they are treading is more dangerous than what current secessionist agitations across the nation portends. Ethno-religious wranglings destroy nations and the wounds hardly heal. We can take a cue from Lebanon, Ireland, former Yugoslavia etc. The ashes of ethno-religious hatred are still smoldering out there despite repeated attempts to quench them permanently. I enjoin all good Nigerians; irrespective of creed and ethnicity to speak out about the dictatorial actions of this government and refuse to accept the new order that it seeks to instal beyond the reign of the current President. Like we did in 2015, let us roundly reject all those that have governed us or caused us to be this badly governed come 2023. Like a dog returning to its vomit, they are busy making arrangements to perpetuate themselves in power. Those that came before them did worst, but we determinedly rejected them. Let’s do it again folks, because this government will go down in our democratic anals as the worse we have ever seen. Therefore, we must refuse its reincarnate in any form.

Sourced From Sahara Reporters

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