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Africa Has Failed Africans; Western Enemy Has Become a Friend While We Turn Against Ourselves

Where is that love our ancestors had for Africa? If you differed with Kamuzu Banda in the late 1960s to 70s Tanzania’s Kambarage Julius Nyerere would welcome you.

If you argued with Robert Mugabe then Joshua Mkomo and his followers could be welcome in Botswana. If you could not agree with fellow Africans elsewhere there was always a place to run to and someone to listen to you.

This is where most of our founding fathers survived to come back home and liberate Africa.The fact that Africa is free from occupation and colonization does not mean Africa is free. There is deep war taking place in political and economic bedrooms of almost all African countries.

What has gone wrong with Africa today?

Our colonial enemies accommodated and housed most of all liberation movements be it right or left wings. Pan African Congress and African National Congress were all given room in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. We must know Britain that gave asylum to freedom fighters of South Africa was part of the colonizer and oppressor.

Tanzania, Angola and Zambia that accommodated Swapo and Swanu of Namibia didn’t discriminate.

Why are democratic governments of Africa failing the spirit of “Ubuntu” of our founding fathers?

The arrest or denial of entry by Zambian government to opposition leader Tendai Biti is uncalled for and lacks Africanness.

The war we fought against colonizers and the war of democracy that has unfolded today within our societies in Africa is bigger than that we fought against the foreign enemy.

Africans are kiling each other like chickens for power and economic grip. When one is running away from whatever reasons Africa of today has no reason to deny or arrest.

There is no one who is ignorant to the behaviour of ZANU PF in Zimbabwe, president elect Emmerson Mnangagwa has been the deputy and defence minister when former President Robert Mugabe tortured and killed democratic fighters; what surity does Zambia or any nation in Africa have that the safety of MDC alliance leaders are safe in the country?

The opposition party is disputing elections and everyone is aware of the military intervention that no-one but the commander in chief gives command did on the 1st August upon delaying of results.

Reports of plain clothed police surrounding Tendai Biti’s mother’s house were viral on social media; what made Zambia government to feel the life of Tendai Biti was not in danger out of all these evidence?

The future of Africa will not be realized if African governments think the enemy of Africa was a White-man alone.

African countries after attaining independence have become more worse than the rule of apartheid, colonialism and oppression.

The fact that African governments are acting in tuxedo does not mean they are good.

Political oppression is far much better than economic oppression that African governments are inflicting on its people.

Go to Mediterranean sea today, the number of ships, vessels in majority are not for fishermen but African immigrants flocking back to the house of the enemy Europe.

Africans have nothing to do with political oppression we need economic empowerment and economic freedom.

African governments after attaining independence have turned to be looters, oppressors, corrupt, thieves and greedy.

There is no nation in Africa that is economically empowering its citizens though we enjoy political freedom.

Forum For the Future of Africa condemn the attitude of the Zambian government and all other African nations that are oppressing their people in the name of democracy and independence.

Political independence is nothing if citizens have no land to build a home and plough, no job to earn a living, no food, no house, no health facilities and no means to educate the future generations.

African governments together with the AU, SADC, EAC, Maghreb and ECOWAS must know that Europe and all Western nations are aware that African governments are greedy, do not be surprised in the next 20 to 30 years seeing the sons and daughters crossing into Europe coming back with weapons to crush all of you depriving and enslaving the African race from within.

The elections of Zimbabwe must be eye opener, things are not what we pretend to see them. Africa must stop nursing the wounds with bandages outside.

The real medicine to heal African wound is Justice, the rule of law and economic freedom.

African leaders and governments are warned if the political and economic trend continue as it is Africa will soon go back to the past where citizens will rise against their governments and leaders [Afrevolution].

To avoid this African leaders and governments must stop corruption and state looting, provide mechanism for economic freedom, devise amicable solutions towards “land matters on citizens” without compromising commercial need.

Economically empower and free the slavish mentality of citizens for us to feel accommodated and part of; shall vision 2063 and independence of Africa have meaning.

Corruption by leaders in governments and their cronies has reached a boiling point.

Time for indabas and gatherings to find solutions is not later than now.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian
The past we inherited the future we make.

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