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Zim singer courts Nigerian star


LOCAL Afro-pop artiste Terence Zandawa says he is aiming to be the next big thing and wants to grow his fan base, locally and abroad, through collaborations with a Nigerian singer.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Zandawa said he would penetrate foreign lands with his collaboration with Onyebuchi on a forthcoming single.

“I am working on my first international collaboration with Onyebuchi, known as Bucci from Nigeria. I want to be the next Afro-pop star showcasing my talent worldwide through projects with other artists,” he said.

“Locally, I have done collaborations with Trevor Dongo, Roki, Sani Makhalima and Diana Samukange.

“I did two songs with Dongo called Ndipe Moyo and Let Me Love You and another one called I’m Letting You Go yet to be released. I have also worked with Leonard Mapfumo on a song for Cyclone Idai.”

Zandawa said preparations for release of his new album titled Haisi Nyore, inspired by difficulties and relationships, were at an advanced stage.

“My music is motivated by love and different life experiences. I always try to teach something about relationships and the difficulties of life. The forthcoming album revolves around the difficulties that people face to reach their final destination,” he said.

“It is not easy for someone to reach their goals in life, so the album also speaks about the struggles of finding real relationships and true love. I always encourage those that listen to my music to keep holding on despite the challenges encountered whether in love or life in general.”

He said hardships gave him strength to soldier on.

“Tough times are like physical exercise that strengthens one for what lies ahead. Hardships often prepare ordinary people for extraordinary things. Hard work is a two-way street, you get back exactly what you put in,” he said.

“I believe if one can dream or think about success, then they can achieve it. The message still remains God over everything.”

Zandawa said his discography has 25 singles, adding that he was working on the visuals.

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