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Top dresser mirror designs for 2022

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Are you in the market for a new dresser with a matching mounted mirror? Getting a new dresser can be a bit overwhelming these days. There are a lot of online furniture stores to choose from, and there are even more brands and furniture collections. Finding the right dress mirror for you might seem daunting and impossible.

Instead of giving up and hiring an expensive interior designer, take a look at these generally popular dresser mirror designs from the hottest 2022 collections. Rather than sifting blindly through online furniture catalogs, find an online store you trust then look for the hottest trends in dresser mirrors before browsing their furniture collections.

If you are lucky you might find a dresser mirror that matches your existing bedroom furniture, but you may have to settle for something complementary but different. In any case, the dresser mirror design you get will undoubtedly have at least one or more of these features of the top dressers in 2022. Whether you need the entire dresser and mirror or you are just trying to replace the mirror of an existing dresser, these categories are where to start.

Glam dresser mirrors

Glam dresser mirrors are just like they sound – think mid-century starlet, with sparkly embellishments and bright lights. These dresser mirrors are a great option if the bedroom already has a glamourous décor and furnishings but you need to add a mirror good for makeup applications and other up-close grooming.

Basic dresser mirrors

If the bedroom already has a pretty basic bedroom set, there is no need to draw attention to the fact that the mirror was not already included. The exception to this would be if you are able to make that dresser mirror a statement piece, which usually requires an intricately carved heavy wood frame or something truly interesting and unique. Otherwise, stick to the base tones and hues of whites, creams, and tans.

Luxe dresser mirrors

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Luxury dresser mirrors work well for both transitional and traditional style bedrooms. Luxury bedrooms usually have fairly opulent furnishings, whether they be flashy or traditional solid wood heirloom pieces. Luxury dresser mirrors may also have additional features like built-in lighting or hidden jewelry storage. Make sure you pair dresser mirrors with like décor, as both of these categories actually encompass a fairly large number of mirrors.

Heading into 2022

As we head into 2022, interior designers and interior design enthusiasts will start seeing a definite shift toward dresser mirrors that are more lightweight, more easily mounted, and more safely stabilized. Simplicity, minimalism and clean lines are also popular features of all furniture this year.

There will also be a shift toward comfort with minimal effort, which means furniture with simple designs and minimal materials will still be comfortable and ergonomic. All this means being able to have a versatile dresser mirror that is safer and easier to move.

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