Press Release: Raising youth awareness around health and sanitation issues

health and sanitation issuesYouth, keep yourself clean; it reflects the place you live”. That was the main message the peer educators have delivered recently during the awareness-raising activity they have carried out at the URBANATIC Analamahitsy where young people have been invited to participate in a cultural and sporting event.

Issues around health and sanitation have been identified as one of the root causes of neglected diseases affecting young people in Madagascar, in urban as well as rural areas. Sanitation conditions in which young people live favour the spread of diseases such as diarrhea and skin disease.

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Africa Alliance of YMCAs Statement of prayers on Kenya’s terrorist attack

YMCAs Statement of prayers on KenyaATLANTA – With the death toll currently at 68, 175 injured, and a thousand hostages brought to safety, the Kenya Westgate shopping mall drama has gripped us all around the world since midday on Saturday. We express our deepest sympathy to the families of all killed or injured, as well as those traumatised by the event, for which Somalia’s radical youth unit al-Shabab has claimed responsibility. With the group of 10-15 gunmen and women still cornered by the rescue forces in a particular area, there is still an unknown number of people dead, injured and held hostage in the centre.

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