Eleanor_Sirleaf_Johnson Liberia West Africa 

Africa’s War Lord Queen; The Bloodstained Career of Liberia’s Eleanor Sirleaf Johnson

If all you know about Liberian President Eleanor Sirleaf Johnson is what you read in the U.S. corporate media, you probably think she is a Nobel Prize-winning reformer. In fact, Sirleaf is a U.S. imperial puppet whose hands are steeped in blood, the “right hand woman“ of deposed warlord Charles Taylor, and a servant of multinational banks. “The lords of… Read More
Eritrea North Africa Opinions 

Preventing Cultural Genocide with the Mother Tongue Policy in Eritrea

by Thomas C. Mountain “Many of the languages that remain are threatened because the children of these ethnic groups are not literate in their mother tongue.” The small east African nation of Eritrea has implemented the Mother Tongue policy nationwide to prevent cultural genocide within its nine different ethnic groups. This is done by educating all children in tribal environments… Read More

Bahrain Migraine for the USA

The year and a half long protest movement of the majority Shi’ite people of Bahrain could be forewarning of a crippling migraine headache for the USA if it succeeds in overthrowing the western installed Al Khalifah dictatorship that has ruled Bahrain since “independence”.  The people of Bahrain know all to well that the Khalifah regimes real godfather is the USA... Read More