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Gambia releases draft constitution for public review

Gambians now have the chance to make input into a draft constitution that is to reform the country’s political system and way of life. On Friday the government released the document to the public for discussions and reviews. This is part of ongoing processes to get Gambia a new post-Jammeh era constitution that gives the country a fresher way of… Read More
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How ex-Jammeh ally tortured and killed political opponents

A former key ally of former Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh has admitted to supervising the arrest, torture and killing of opposition politicians and critics of the previous regime. The former army captain Edward Singhateh has narrated harrowing stories of how he arrested, tortured and executed suspected political opponents. According to Singhateh, many critics of Jammeh were arrested and never meant… Read More
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Gambia: Jammeh ally admits to killing alleged ‘coup plotters’

A former senior Gambian politician has admitted that he played a role in the killings of some soldiers accused of plotting a coup to overthrow former President Yahyah Jammeh. Edward Singhateh told the country’s truth commission that he was responsible for the execution of soldiers accused of the said coup shortly after Jammeh came into power. Singhateh was one of… Read More
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Gambia: Jammeh’s party demands return of seized assets

The party of former President of Gambia, Yahya Jammeh is demanding the return of seized assets it said did not belong to the former leader. Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the interim leader of the APRC party told journalists on Thursday that the government of the Gambian must return the assets seized from the party immediately. Mr Jatta also demanded that the… Read More
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Ex-Gambian President Jawara dies aged 95

Former Gambian President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara has been reported dead. Jawara passed away on Tuesday at the age of 95 after a short illness. He was born on March 16, 1924 in Barajally in macChatty to Almamy Jawara and Mama Fatty. Jawara studied veterinary medicine at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, and qualified as a veterinary surgeon in… Read More
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REVEALED: Yahya Jammeh ordered 2005 murder of 44 Ghanaians

After years of denying ordering the murder of over 56 west african migrants in the Gambia, ex-leader Yahya Jammeh has now been implicated by some of his former soldiers. Two Gambian soldiers who worked for Jammeh’s hit squad on Tuesday admitted to participating on Jammeh’s orders in the 2005 execution of the 56 West African migrants, including 44 Ghanaians. Families… Read More
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Gambia: Massive US visa refusals as a result of Trump’s immigration Policies

A family member got refused a visa to the US this week even though they had close to a million dalasis and have traveled extensively in the past. They currently even hold a UK visa, which is  due to expire in 2022. After enquiries, her daughter was told by someone working at the embassy that there is currently a restricted… Read More