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Opinion: The power of entrepreneurship to reduce inequality in Ghana

In our experience, working with young African leaders and entrepreneurs for over a decade, we have learnt that with the right support and access to resources, young people have the potential to create jobs and income opportunities for themselves and others. We have debunked commonly accepted norms around entrepreneurship and job creation in Africa and modelled a perspective in the… Read More
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Looking for a job? Apply for ReadyforWork career accelerator by SFAN

– – Stars From All Nations, the alternative education company that unlocks the potential of Africa’s young geniuses, has launched their long-awaited ReadyforWork career accelerator that brings fresh perspectives to talent development on the continent. ReadyforWork is an immersive digital career accelerator that uses AI and Machine Learning to equip entry-level job seekers with employment skills and help talent managers… Read More
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How to solve the top 6 entrepreneurship problems

Being an entrepreneur comes with numerous challenges. Being a new entrepreneur comes with hundreds of challenges. Entrepreneurs today face issues and run into obstacles on a daily basis. This thanks to the complexity of running a business or turning an idea into profit. With all the pieces of the puzzle that need to fit together, there needs to be a… Read More
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Sierra Leone’s Easy Solar wins global entrepreneurship award

Only one company from Sierra Leone was chosen by the World Economic Forum (WEF) to receive the Schwab Foundation Outstanding Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Easy Solar, an energy startup in Sierra Leone, was recognized as a leader of global social innovation for 2019 along with 19 others across the world. In just three years since it launched, Easy… Read More