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Trump cancels trade deal with Cameroon over rights abuses

The US President, Donald Trump has said that Cameroon will no longer benefit from a trade deal signed between the US government and sub-Saharan African countries. Mr. Trump says his government is pulling out of a deal with Cameroon because of “gross” human rights violations against its own citizens. President Trump cited “extrajudicial killings, arbitrary and unlawful detention, and torture” in his statement issued on Thursday. He also added that Cameroon will be officially excluded from the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) on January 1, 2020. Human rights group…

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The US-Africa trade pact losing it’s spark

The United States in the past was the place to go for sub-Saharan African countries in terms of trade. It used to be the leading trading partner of Africa, especially sub-Saharan Africa but that is changing. The emergence of China on the scene over the past decade has meant that African countries now have an alternative super power to deal with. China is willing to give many African countries what they seem to want – that’s aid for projects China is not willing to force on them. There are no…

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