Paul Kagame Africa OP-ED 

African leadership should have spoken out at the UN

“It is … disheartening to observe that not even one of the African leaders in attendance [at the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations] plucked up the courage to speak poignant truths to the superpowers…,” writes Afam Nkemdiche. “From the destabilizing unidirectional flow of global wealth and the 2008 global financial collapse … [to] the rising threat of climate change, there exist many a bitter truth from which the African leaders could have chosen to address the leadership of the UN…. Contemporary African leaders must now climb out of…

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Exploring why African States and African leaders struggle to be Democratic

Africa MapIt has become one of the major political science paradoxes of Africa that a majority of nation states and/or their leaders in sub-Saharan Africa purport to be democratic or to espouse the principles and tenets of democracy yet struggle to live up to the standards of democratization.

The question that crops to mind with regards to this irony might be why such has been the case despite decades of post independence Western ideological exposure and institutional transfer between the West and Africa. Is it a question of deliberate sidelining of democratic principles or tenets thereof by the nation states and their leaders or is it a question of their apparent failure to appreciate and come to terms with the ideology, philosophy or cultural facet that is inadvertently alien or rather ambiguous to them.

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