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Two Years of Advocacy Against Witch Persecution in Africa

   By Leo IgweTwo years ago, the Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW) campaign was launched. This initiative was put in place to tackle witchcraft accusations and witch persecution in Africa. Campaign against witch-hunting in the region had too many missing links. AfAW was founded to supply these links, and yes to try and right the wrongs of witch-hunting in Africa.… Read More

Approbation and Reprobation Hamper Advocacy Against Witch Persecution in Africa

By Leo Igwe Members of the elite in Nigeria must stop approbating and reprobating the reality of witchcraft. Educated Nigerians continue to blow hot and cold on the existence of witches and wizards. This conflicting and contradictory stance is hurting efforts to stamp out the menace of witch-hunting. This double standard by the elite is undermining and frustrating initiatives to… Read More