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How women in Ghana, Nigeria are slapped during childbirth

A new study by the World Health Organization has revealed that many women suffer mistreatment during childbirth especially in lower-income countries. A new evidence from the study, published in the Lancet, showed that over one-third of women in four lower-income countries experienced mistreatment during childbirth in health facilities. Three of the countries where the study was conducted were in Africa, namely Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea. The fourth country is Myanmar. Evidence published in the report revealed that younger, less-educated women were those most at risk of abuses. Those abuses include include…

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Ghana: Soldiers force journalist to weed as punishment

A Ghanaian journalist was this week forced by some military officers to weed for an hour as punishment. Mr James Harry Obeng, according to state newspaper, Ghanaian Times alleged that he was manhandled by the soldiers at Michelle Camp, near the capital, Accra for no reason. The journalist has now reported the case to the country’s Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ). According to Mr Obeng the soldiers made him weed for one hour before asking him to go. He alleges that the incident occurred during a controversy…

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