The recent presidential and legislative elections in DR Congo have been opportunities for internal and external enemies of our country, to mercilessly pursue the poor indigenous population in eastern Congo.

In its determination to invade and annex the east of DR Congo, Rwanda has tried unsuccessfully to conquer by pitched battles, now opted for a more subtle and certainly more profitable for the systematic elimination and irreversible of Aboriginal by way of silent genocide. Mass killings of people, annihilation of entire villages, and other weapons of war that are the rape of women, girls, girls and even men, targeted killings of people mostly: local leaders, civil society leaders, merchants, teachers, priests, religious, etc..

And all this is perpetrated in a complacent silence of the Congolese government and the International Community.

Rwandan instruments of execution of the genocide are on one side the CNDP and the Rwandan troops and the FDLR on the other, both acting as bridgeheads for the acceleration of the invasion and annexation of the east of Congo into Rwanda.


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