Rwanda Peoples Party Calls for an end to the ongoing Grenade attacks in Rwanda

Gothenburg – Sweden, 31/03/12

Our Ref: RPP-KRN/30M/JK-1730/12/JVK/KRN-GA03


Today, another day another tragedy has blanketed our country as the people of Rwanda have continued to endure the most persistent brutality of killings and persecutions for over five decades. This has also been attributed to by the total incompetence and failures of all Rwanda governments that come and go including that of president Kagame and his RPF regime, to protect the lives and properties of Rwandan people.

Just in a space of three months, there have been many   fatalities and destructions of properties of people of Rwanda as a result of indiscriminate grenade attacks.  We condemn these outrages in the strongest terms, as our party has no track with actions that are terrorist and serve no purpose in alleviating the suffering of the Rwandan people. We aim to uplift the Rwandan people and give them hope and aspiration. This is the creed and indeed the long term strategy of our party.

We are a nationalist African party born out of violent conflict in Africa and our party believes in a free Africa that represents the best interest of its own peoples especially the innocent, the defenceless and the downtrodden rather vested interest representing the ruling elite. We engage constructively with the international community, so we can lift Africa and especially Rwanda from its current economic malaise and meltdown.

Rwandan people want a new political dispensation. This is what our party is offering, that we should start afresh and have a new beginning. We have reached the threshold where we can confidently say Kagame and his RPF are just leading Rwanda to ruin. But they still have a role to play in the construction of the new Rwanda that we want. We acknowledged this fact. We the RPP refuse and totally reject Kagame’s plan to sleepwalk our country into total disaster. That is why we have put into the public domain the RWANDA ROAD MAP TO PEACE which we sent to President Kagame on 5th May 2011 and to which we have only had a very lazy and lackadaisical and frankly ridiculous response from the Rwandan High Commissioner to Uganda, Maj. Gen. Frank MUGAMBAGE on behalf of Rwanda government and president Kagame.

On Friday, 30th March 2012 at around 18.30, there were double grenade attacks at Nyarugenge and Nyarutarama whereby some innocent people are feared to have lost their lives and 14 others were seriously injured. This has marked a different escalation of the tragedy of Rwanda whose people don’t need brutalities of grenades attacks. The 1994 genocide has not gone away from our collective memory. We don’t need the memories of the 1994 tragedies to revisit our country and people once again.

Once again, as usual no culprit(s) has been arrested or a trace of the perpetrators of these brutal attacks on Rwandan people.  This clearly, affirms our party’s beliefs, that President Kagame and his RPF regime  no longer have any legitimacy or  authority to protect or promote  the  well-being and interests  of the of Rwandan people at home  or in the diaspora  and to the audiences of civilized nations and peoples.

We believe that any governing body that cannot manage to protect lives and properties of its own people doesn’t deserve to govern. To this extent therefore, it is obvious and crystal clear, that President Kagame and his RPF regime, have totally lost the trust of the Rwandan people and their rule is a continuing and contiguous cancerous growth.

And as a party, we believe that it is in the best interest of Rwanda as a nation and a people for President Kagame and his party to honestly revisit their mindset and engage the Rwanda democratic movement and aspirations because these are not going away any time soon. Kagame must have no illusion about this. Instead he should avoid the continued suffering of the Rwandan people and allow peace a chance.

The smile on the face of one Rwandan child is far more important than a bullet fired in anger. Firing bullets in anger has been the tragedy of our country for the past 53 years and we need to stop it and stop it now. All what we want is peace and justice for our country and people.

This is a simple demand that we Rwandan ask of the RPF Kagame government and the people in the international community who support him.  This is not too much to ask for Rwandan people who have already suffered too much for too long, to ask of the Kagame government and the governments in Africa and the wide international community, especially the USA and the European Community that have given him totally uncritical support and virtual impunity even as he persists on committing gross and massive  human rights and economic crimes against the Rwandan people and remains a  constant and permanent source of instability in the Great Lakes Region of Nations.

Thank you

John V KARURANGA, President

Rwanda People’s Party,


Facebook: Rwanda Peoples Party



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