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Rwanda Government demands Malawi extradite Vincent Murekezi accused of Genocide

Vincent Murekezi
Vincent Murekezi Suspected of genocide in Rwanda

LILONGWE: Barely a day after Malawi government through the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security cleared a Malawian of Rwandan origin Vincent Murekezi of having a no hand in the 1994 Rwandan genocide, authorities in Rwanda have declared that the man is indeed a genocide suspect hunted by the government.

The Rwandan National Prosecutor, Fautsin Nkusi, confirmed to Malawi’s local radio station, Zodiak, that fugitive Murekezi’s passport particulars also match the date of birth listed for the convict they have been hunting for.

According to the radio in all the three passports, two local ones and one Rwandese, the picture of Murekezi is the same and so is his date of birth Jan 6, 1962.

The village listed in the Rwandan Passport is also the same as that put against Murekezi’s name on the genocide suspect’s document.

Nkusi also told Zodiak since 2009 his office has been waiting on the Malawi government through the Director of Public Prosecution’s office to extradite Murekezi.

The radio is said to have gathered the 1994 genocide convict particulars with reference number of the case file RPGR 450/GEN/MJD/RE.

“That is true, this Emmanuel Vincent Murekezi is wanted fugitive and is subject to an International warrant of Arrest which was sent to Malawi in 2009, requesting them to extradite him to Rwanda to face justice on crimes of Genocide and Crimes against Humanity.

“We have been working with them and they have not yet responded but we are still in touch and it is the office of the Director of Public Prosecution there in Malawi (DPP) who we have been in touch with”, Nkusi explained.

However, the National Public Relations Officer for Malawi Immigration Office Joseph Chauwa revealed that Malawi granted Murekezi citizenship 2013 and a passport this year 2016.

Chauwa said the immigration did this after getting clearance from the National Police Headquarters and Ministry of Home affairs that Murekezi has no any criminal record.

“This person has a file- an Immigration file and he came to Malawi Sometime back, he first applied for Temporary resident, and then he applied for business Residence in 2005. Then in 2008, he applied for business residence then later he applied for Permanent Residence Permit. In 2013 he applied for citizenship which was granted to him. It is this year March 10, that a Malawi Passport was issued to him”, disclosed Chauwa.

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