Rwanda: Frank Habineza wins Prestigious African leader Award

This honor is in recognition of his tireless efforts to organize and lead a process that led to the official launching of the African Greens Federation held during the African Greens Congress in April 2010 in Kampala, Uganda. This meeting also sought to strengthen cooperation between African Greens, by conducting exchange visit to West and North Africa. As a true Pan Africanist in the green revolution Mr. Habineza was behind the revival of the Central African Greens network, which reinforced green activities in Chad, Central Africa Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola and Gabon. In his home country, Rwanda, he was part of a climate change campaign organized by Rwanda Green Society that planted 50,000 trees.

His efforts followed a nine years struggle for the African Greens trying to have a Greens Federation for Africa, since the Global Greens Congress held in Canberra, Australia in 2001. Mr. Habineza also led a process that approved the African Greens Charter, African Greens Constitution, Rules and Procedures. The Charter is an important document that defines what it means to be Green in Africa. He encouraged and supported efforts to establish the Ecological Party of Uganda, now fully registered and Zambian Revolutionary Green Party-fully registered. He was able to convene an African Greens Preparatory meeting in Benin, June 2009, which established the African Greens Movement.

In a reaction statement from Mr. Habineza regarding this award he stated, ”It is with great honor and joy that we receive the wonderful news of winning the 2011 Global Pilot Award of African Leader in Innovation and Sustainability.”

The 2011 Global Pilot Award winners will have their awards bestowed upon them by the Office of the President -Republic of Uganda, during an awards ceremony, on the evening of 27 August 2011 at Fairway Hotel Kampala.

Earlier this year Mr. Habineza was also awarded the esteemed award by Hon. Bodil Ceballos, a Swedish Parliamentarian, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and alternates on the Defense and Justice Committees. This accolade was given in honor of the democratic struggle started in Rwanda and the resolve to continue it using peaceful and non-violent methods despite the many challenges Rwanda is currently facing including the areas of political open space and freedom of the press.

Mr. Habineza continues to be a strong political leader for the future of Rwanda. His progressive ideas and peaceful plan for improving the climate of Rwanda will continue to be recognized the world over. His commitment and passion to his homeland and the resilient people of Rwanda are shown in his steadfast dedication to political change.




By: Jennifer Fierberg, MSW

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