No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile….except in Rwanda

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By: Michel MUSHIMIYIMANA with Jennifer Fierberg

Terrorist, President Paul Kagame pledges Rwandans to publicly shoot his critics or renegades on site in a public statement today while addressing residents of Nyabihu district in the northwestern part of the country.  Remember that in Rwanda it is said that, “there is no death sentence,” so how can a sitting president say that he will be shooting his people publicly?  

When will the international community understand how much we Rwandans are suffering under this dictator? This dictator massacred more than 10 million people in great lakes region of Africa in the last two decades. What facts do you not have to arrest this serial killer?

In American and European history books, you tell us that Hitler killed 6 million Jews and that he was a horrible and cruel man and after his atrocities, you created the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. When one reads this document you can add “except in Rwanda” after every statement in the declaration.

I implore the International Community to answer to us this question, why are you are letting us be massacred!

 Is it because we are not white?

Tell me, you western powers that support the terrorist President Kagame, how many did Osama Bin Laden kill? Some tens of thousands even less, but you mobilized all your resources to hunt him until you killed him. Yet, instead of arresting this terrorist Kagame, you are inviting him to come to poison and fool your children in your universities saying he is a visionary man! What visionary is this man? He has surpassed Hitler in numbers of innocent lives massacred.

Tell me! President Obama, Your Majesty Queen Elisabeth, Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron, President François Hollande, President Vladimir Putin, His Majesty King Philip, and all other western leaders, how can your conscience allow you to sleep at night when you support a man who freely jails him fellow countrymen?


In response to the speech President Kagame gave today, Bosco Mutarambirwa, an American corporate finance professional of Rwandan origin,  stated this about the realities of such large gatherings when President Kagame makes public appearances, ”People show up to these events in masses ONLY because soldiers make them, not because they want to. Soldiers will bang hard on every door while citizens are still sleeping, and the local police will double-check to make sure everyone left the house to make Kagame happy. Soldiers do so before sunrise, even if Kagame will not show up until sunset. They do not care how hungry or how sick people get can from waiting too long in the freezing cold, burning heat, or pouring rain. Soldiers do the same thing on Election Day, and they do that every time any RPF official comes to visit. That is how Kagame rules Rwanda. That is how he gathers these crowds. Attending his gatherings is not an option, and nobody is an exception. If you do not attend, local defense forces will make your name famous; they will make sure you are finished.”

Rwanda under Kagame is not a country. It is just a big prison. President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, President Jakaya M. Kikwete of Tanzania and other Southern African countries leaders, please help the world and especially Rwandans to overcome and arrest this cruel authoritarian regime and terrorist Kagame, otherwise never again speak of the values and legacy of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Queen Elisabeth, William Shakespeare or Mahatma Gandhi. Especially, do not quote the late Nelson Mandela Madiba because you may be fooling yourself as you but you are not fooling the innocent Rwandans that are suffering everyday under this dictatorial regime.

I am telling you what i believe and I am willing to die for getting this message out to the world.

Let humanity reign! Let us together as human being fight this evil at all cost! Yes, we can! I repeat yes together we can! Follow your instinct and whatever you want but not harmful to humanity!

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