NATO lies that led to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s death



  • He militarized the Libyan revolution by starting shooting at unarmed civilians who were protesting for a change in Government.
  • He planned a dreadful attack in Benghazi the second largest city in Libya which is located to the Egyptian border. As he said “Benghazi used to be a beautiful city but now it has been contaminated hence a need to clean it”, he meant killing all his opponents in Benghazi. Thanks the French Air Force for attacking  his heavily equipped armed vehicles and tanks heading to destroy Benghazi.
  • He launched a door to door campaign abducting all people suspected to be his opponents. Some of them never returned home. They were usually kept in dark places with little light, no proper food and water; severe beating was also the order of the day. Gaddafi also had no trust in the Libyan army hence embarked on importing African mercenaries from Mali, Chad etc. these mercenaries were also used during the uprising to kill demonstrators and all those who opposed him. 
  • He placed snipers on top of buildings in Miziratta to shoot at doctors who were helping libel fighters.
  • He planted land mines on the Mediterranean coast so as to target Western force who were aiming at providing basic services to people in the besieged city of Benghazi.  

  • Gaddafi never condemned the terrorist acts of some of his citizens who were behind the lochaby bombing in 1988 in which 280 people died. He was viewed by the West a supporter of terrorism.
  • Gaddafi alongside Saddam Hussein were the first to salute the work of Osama Bin Laden to bomb world trade centre in New York and US military headquarters in Washington.  
  • Gaddafi controlled every aspect of life in Libya by building for himself a personality cult. He placed his sons in all important positions like army commanders, financial controllers and other key positions.
  • Many Libyans are educated but were oppressed by his long serving regime since 1 September 1969 when he took the office at the age of 27. He dealt with every one criticizing his government hence many educated Libyans fled into exile.
  • Gaddafi always used defiant speeches and called all those opposed to his rule as cockroaches, mice and many other insects’ names.

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