Malawi’s Pres. Joyce Banda under fire as activists calls for nationwide demonstrations


According to Malawi Watch Executive Director, Billy Banda, government is also deliberately shifting dates of convening Parliament because it is running away from being held in the wrong side of the law in as far as the cashgate scandal is concerned.

The current administration is suspected to have a hand in the plunder and looting of over K20 billion of tax payer’s money, “worst ever corruption in Africa and serious disaster ever happened in the history of Malawi.”

“Sadly government is taking Malawians for granted and the worst is failure by us as CSOs and NGOs including MPs to stand with one voice demanding an immediate National Assembly primarily to look into the cash gate report and review all budgetary allocations,” said Banda, urging to no longer buy excuses raised by government officials.

He also said it is high time Malawians demanded the arrest and removal of some senior government officials like Paul Mphwiyo and Reserve Bank Governor Charles Chuka.

“We demand that cashgate cases be expedited and concluded before March 20, failing which President Joyce Banda must not stand for 2014 elections. These cases are worst as murder.

“President Joyce Banda should clear her name on the involvement on cashgate by expediting cases to not later than March 20,” said Malawi executive director.

Meanwhile, civil society organisations (CSOs), under the Grand Coalition for the Defence of Democracy and Good Governance, have announced that they will stage nationwide protests on February 27 to express displeasure at government’s delay to make public the forensic report on the cashgate scam.

The Council for Non-governmental Organisations and 13 other CSOs say they “have done the talking” and are now letting the citizenry press for accountability.

They are also pressing for the convening of Parliament by March 6 to discuss the forensic audit report, the sale and whereabouts of proceeds of both the presidential jet and rotten maize in national grain reserves.

The CSOs are also accusing government of unconstitutionally subsiding the sovereignty of the State by prioritising the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as the first beneficiary of the summary report on cashgate sidelining Parliament.


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