Malawi:Media bow down to police pressure, lose game

Speaking at the end of the soccer game, which took place at Nankhaka Stadium within the law enforcers’ perimeters, Promise Kamanga said he noticed two armoured security vehicles packed just near the Officers Mess.

“Our spokesman for the games, Wisdom Chimgwede, also noticed the heavy blue vehicles and could not help but comment about them. All in all we
had a wonderful time here despite the loss. We want a rematch, perhaps at a neutral ground,” he joked.

Chimgwedwe in his speech said the media was humbled to be invited to such a press-police relations get together aimed at facilitating a conducive working atmosphere between the two important entities.

“You should understand that we simply report as matters unveil. And we need adequate, timely, and factual information. As our partners in security and development, we expect that of you,” he said to a round of hand-clapping.

Peter Gwazayani, who played the whole first half and only went out afraid of the rains in the second, said such events should be promoted.

“Next time we want the military. This is very important so that through interaction we can learn how to handle news about them and they how to handle information with us,” he said.

Apparently, police research and disaster preparedness officer, a Khonje, said he was happy about the turn of events and wanted more interaction, but it was national spokesman Davie Chingwalu who brought in the spanners.

“You are very welcome here and feel free. These games shall be officiated in the best of expected conduct. Only remember one thing, if you win then you may be charged with conduct likely to cause breach of peace,” he joked in his welcoming remarks. The media were excited of the inspiring speech and promised they would ensure that their lawyers were at hand as a win was their only mission objective.

At one point through the game, journalist Kondwani Munthali also joked to his friends as he filed back on the famous Media Institute for Southern Africa (MISA) Malawi chapter chat group: “I fainted the ref made the score two more its now 4-1.”

“Police through a Blue Eagles player seem to have equalised,” he earlier wrote as he commented through the game online!

“Civilians ought to know how we do our work and this is one of the most important ways this can be rubbed onto them. We work on commands and save the government of the day. This game is a precursor to more ambitious programmes. Imagine if we took a handful of journalists to our Police Training School (PTS) in Limbe and have them go through our recruits training programme for just a month. Would they not fully appreciate our role as development partners and why we do certain things? Let us try that in the near future,” mused Khonje.

Media Vice Team coach, M’theto Lungu who only appeared at the reception for other reasons, was thankful to police spokesman, Davie Chingwalu, describing him an innovating and important link between the service and the media.

“We know your schedule is tight, demanding and tough, but you spared time for us. We would like this kind of gesture extended to our brothers and sisters in the other regions of the country, and so too other professions. The media works on tight deadlines and the police works on disciplined order. The two can only be merged to benefit our country if we interact and work more together. This is a great opportunity for both our domains,” he said on the sidelines at the Officers Mess, where over-salted snacks and cold drinks were dished out for free.

Players that fought a losing but great battle for the scribes included Joseph Scott, Horace Boti, coach player Gabriel Kamlomo, Mabvuto
Banda, Thomas Chafunya, Macdonald Phiri, Anold Mnelemba in the soccer team.

The ladies team, spearheaded by Lucy Kadzongwe, was also a marvel to watch with players including Enelles Nyale and Suzgo Khunga.

Khunga reported to the forum: “Media women lose 8 baskets to 35, it was Eagle Sisters playing against us. We could have won if it wasn’t for the heavy rains. Yes, the game was stopped due to the rains, you know, we had to tend to our hairstyles!”

The next game between the two ‘careers’, assured Chingwalu, would take place in Blantyre.


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