International Community on alert for Paul Kagame’s brutality

Press release

Montréal, March 22, 2015

The Rwanda National Congress-RNC demands that the Canadian government expel members of the Rwandan Commondo or bring them before the Canadian justice system

The Rwanda National Congress informed the minister of public security of Canada and the media of the presence of a Rwandan commando whose objective is to kill, injure, or intimidate several people who criticized the government of Rwanda. Some are travelling with diplomatic passports, others have Canadian documents and are led by a former advisor from the Rwandan Embassy in Ottawa who is still in Canada.

Dr. Emmanuel Hakizimana and Counsel John Philpot recalled that agents of the Rwandan government have already killed, injured or kidnapped people in many different countries, including South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Belgium, Cameroun, and Uganda. In Canada, Rwandan agents tried to kill a former employee of the Red Cross in Rwanda, Jacques Godon.
Mr. John Philpot declared: “It is unacceptable that a foreign commando operate in Canada and Quebec. No country would accept such operations, especially when it is widely known that Rwanda threatens and then takes action.”
Dr Hakizimana said: “In Canada, our freedom of expression is a right. We have the right to denounce human rights violations and other abuse committed by the Rwandan government.” He added, “These individuals should be expelled from Canada and/or brought before the justice system. The Government of Canada should also reevaluate its relations with the Rwandan Government”.
Dr Emmanuel Hakizimana, Secretary General of the RNC

John Philpot, Lawyer

Information: Me John Philpot, 514-668-9150

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