ICC Vague on its response to letter of Concern from AU about proceedings of the Kenyan Leadership


The Second Vice-President clarified that the Presidency has no legal powers to consider arguments and concerns related to ongoing cases, and that such matters should be raised before the relevant Chambers in accordance with the Rome Statute and the ICC’s Rules of Procedure and Evidence.


He also noted, in response to a reference made in the letter from the African Union, that there are no pending requests before the ICC for the deferral of Kenya-related cases to Kenyan judicial institutions. He stressed that “the Judges of the Court must take all their decisions in accordance with the mandate and legal framework established by the States that created the Court – including the 34 African States that are party to the Rome Statute”. 

The Second Vice-President added that the Court remained fully committed to friendly and cooperative relations with the African Union in the spirit of the AU’s and ICC’s shared values. 

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