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Ghana: Pastor’s comment on honouring God sparks outrage

A popular Ghanaian preacher, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has left many fuming after he claimed Christians in recent times are honouring their families than God.

He wrote on Twitter on Friday that “Today, Christians are honouring family more than they honour God.

They do things to please wives and children more than to please God. Because of this, the mission field and harvest fields lack certain quality labourers. Lord help us!”

But not everyone is taking the comment by the preacher lightly and literally.

Some social media users have been outraged claiming the preacher is only concerned about Christians not honouring God because of financial benefits to him and pastors.

Some even claim his comments referring to “the mission field and harvest fields lack certain quality labourers” was pointing to the lack of contribution from his church members.

Social media outburst

But not all are worried about his comments with some coming to his aid and justifying his concerns for the church.

Past history

In 2018 Bishop Dag Heward-Mills also sparked outrage among social media users over his cure for depression.

The pastor who is also a medical doctor by profession wrote on then on twitter that “Depression and sadness are a result of demon activity”.

The tweet came with a picture of the pastor’s book titled “Demons”. The book according to the pastor helps readers to know how to deal with demons.

There were angry reactions to Heward-Mills’ tweet and what his book sort to explain about demons and depression.


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