Britain refuses to give Malawi a full vote of confidence – Why?

 Mitchell, who visited  Malawi last month, said on Wednesday that Banda has followed IMF and British advice by devaluing  the Kwacha by 50% .  The British acknowledge this move will put strain  on Malawians.

To alleviate some of the Pain Britain has proposed £33m in aid to provide medicines, seeds and fertiliser.

According to theguardian, despite high praise for Banda, however, Mitchell said he was not in a position to say when Britain would resume budget support as opposed to aid aimed at specific sectors such as health and education. “I can’t tell you when … my hope is before the end of the year,” said Mitchell, adding that he had to ensure British taxpayers would get good value for their aid money.

It is ironic that the Brits are still struggling with what might appear to be an easy decision.  President Joyce Banda who appears to appease the British every chance she gets still appears not to have garnered their full confidence.


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