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Bonuses and Promo Codes: World Sports Betting

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Casino owners have frequently offered bonuses, and World Sports Betting is no different. It is a means to gain traction and to keep people gambling on their websites. Wsb promo codes are explained in this article.

What Are Discount and Bonus Codes?

A bonus code is a code that, when entered on a website, rewards its users. Typically, it consists of letters and numbers, though occasionally, symbols are added.

As you undoubtedly know well, the purpose of a bonus code is to serve as a marketing tool to entice new players to the website and a ploy to persuade current players to continue using the World Sports Betting app.

Types Of Bonuses Offered in Promo Codes

World Sports Betting offers a number of bonuses, and a few are explained below. 

Welcome Bonus

You must not have a prior account registered with World Sports Betting to receive this bonus. If you do, you might want to check out other bonus offers. You want to first register; once confirmed, you get an R50 Free Bet welcome bonus! Note that this promotion is only valid upon request. Once registration is completed, there is a grace period of 72 hours. After this, you become unqualified to receive the welcome bonus. 

First Deposit Bonus

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Not R1,000 like most betting sites give. For World sports betting, the first deposit bonus of 100% is extendable up to R10,000. Note that this has to be the very first deposit upon account creation. However, the drawback of this bonus is that once the bonus cash has been added, players must wager 5x the initial deposit at odds between 1 and 2.

Until the 5x wager is complete, cash-out is impossible. Statistically, if you deposit R100 and apply for the bonus, you get an additional R100 and must wager R500 before initiating the payout. 

Birthday Deposit Bonus

Knowing that every betting site out there wants a grasp on its customers, World Sports Betting makes sure to recognize users and make them feel appreciated. Regular bonuses would do this, but nothing says personal impact more than a birthday deposit bonus.

The birthday Deposit bonus applies only to the first deposit a player makes on the registered birth date and is extendable to about 2,000. Most times, a birthday Voucher is automatically given, or a link is required to claim the bonus. But this happens once a year – on the day of your registered birthday. 

FICA Bonus

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This bonus is only for those who have taken the step to FICA their account. Upon successfully completing the FICA registration, you receive an R100 betting voucher. This would only occur when World Sports Betting’s FICA department has validated your FICA documents.

However, this is a one-time offer to one per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, same payment account number, and shared computer.

0-0 Money Back Promotion

This bonus offer is to reduce the impact of a goalless draw in betting. It only applies to soccer matches that fall between English Premiership, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, or French League 1 Match. Before the game begins, predict both teams’ halftime or full-time score. If the match ends 0-0, World Sports Betting refunds all losing bets as Free Bet Vouchers.

How To Get Bonus and Promo Codes

Bonus codes can be obtained from deposit bonus offers. Developers and marketing staff for each casino devise inventive ways to inform potential customers in a way that will pique their interest in visiting the site.

While some Wsb promo code are obtained from the no deposit bonus sign-up, which necessitates registration as a registered user of global sports betting, others may be obtained from the official website of World Sports Betting.

How To Use Promo Code

Each bonus code that is made available has a specific value. There is a designated entry box for promotional codes on the betting app. All you have to do is enter the code after finding that area.

Whatever value is associated with the promo code you just entered automatically reflects in your betting account. Obtaining a code, signing up on the World Sports betting website, and entering the code into the appropriate field are all necessary steps in the process.

Amazingly, every World Sports Betting user is allowed to use an unlimited amount of promo codes. However, the attached clause is that you would have to send a claiming voucher mail to the registered info mail of World Sports Betting to grant you access to the promo codes. It is optional, and it requires that each user asks. 

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