Bebeto: I get emotional talking about my celebration

It is, perhaps, the most iconic celebration in FIFA World Cup™ history. Twenty-six years ago today at USA 1994, Bebeto, in homage to new-born son Mattheus, spontaneously showcased his baby-cradling celebration after scoring in a 3-2 win over the Netherlands.

“The day before, I knelt down and asked God to give me one opportunity to score a goal for my son, because I had to pay homage,” Bebeto explained to on the goal’s milestone anniversary. “And the celebration just happened.

“I went off to celebrate and Romario and Mazinho followed soon after. I looked to one side, I looked to the other, and the two were doing the same thing! It was something from God, something from the heart, spontaneous. Because of this it went down in history.”

Watch the full video, in which Bebeto discusses his wife giving birth in Brazil while he was at USA 1994, assesses his performance against the Netherlands in the Cotton Bowl, reveals Zico inspired his iconic celebration and talks about the impact it has had on his life.

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