AMI Plc Directors and Managers Charged in Zimbabwe

After Court in Harare in October ruled that African Medical Investments acted improperly and have been ordered to vacate the premises from which they had fraudulently and violently taken from Dr. Vivek Solanki, the founder and former Chief Executive of AMI Plc, the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission started investigation on AMI Plc.

Senior Officers of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission have taken several AMI Directors, Managers and other clandestine operatives into custody over charges of Kidnapping, Fraud, theft, Extortion, amongst many other serious criminal charges in Harare. Persons sought include Jeremy Sanford, Peter Annesley, Paul Stevenson, Liz Gordon, Mavis Mushonga, Abel Rodrigues, Rodrigue Mlauzi and several other operatives working for or on behalf of AMI Plc.

These arrests have followed AMI Plc losing their case and having being ordered by the Courts to be evicted from their illegal occupation of Dr Solanki’s Hospital in Harare.

Jeremy Sanford, Rodrigue Mlauzi and Abel Rodrigues were present with the help of “CIO” officers and other armed persons claiming to be representatives from the police, kidnapped Solanki’s manager, Ms Zarina Dudhia under allegations of fraud and theft and removed several hundred thousand Dollars from the company safe and company documents on 1st July 2010 and violently took control of Solanki’s Hospital. The allegations against Ms Dudhia were not proven.

Price Waterhouse Coopers presented a hurried “forensic accounts” document implicating Dr Solanki in Fraudulent activities. Subsequent investigations proved that the audit was done on his personal company without consent and facts were distorted to indicate AMI Plc being defrauded.

Peter Annesley with help from his longtime friend, Elisabeth Gordon were involved in Fraudulently converting one of Solanki’s companies, Streamsleigh Investments Private Limited which owns the land on which the Hospital exists for their own benefit by defrauding Company details and Bank accounts.

There is confussion among AMI Plc whether their Hospital is run under AMI Plc or Streamsleigh Investments in Zimbabwe.

In papers filed at the High Court of Harare, AMI Plc legal representative Mrs Betroot Matetwa was hard pressed to explain who actually was running the Hospital currently. She claimed that AMI Plc does not exist in Zimbabwe and that Streamsleigh was operating the Hospital as a subsidiary of AMI Plc. However, Streamleigh is claimed to be owned by Dr Solanki, which he was defrauded off.

The conspiracy to defraud Dr Solanki of his Hospital took another twist when documents surfaced showing Mavis Mushoga and Paul Stevenson having forged documents and emptying Bank accounts belonging to Dr Solanki’s Hospital of thousands of Dollars. Stevenson and Mushonga admitted to the forgery and claim to have been approached by AMI accountant, Abel Rodrigues, on a recorded conversation in Harare.

AMI Plc is a Listed Company on AIM on the London Stock Exchange and the majority shareholder is American Billionare, Philip Falcone and managed by his Directors Joseph Cleverdon, Andrew Groves, Peter Botha and former English Cricket spinner, Phil Edmonds.

AMI directors had also allegedly emplyoyed several ex- security operatives namely Wayne Stolts, Dannie Pienaar and Kai Weinzheimer; all of whom are close associates of Andrew groves and Peter Botha to harass Dr Solanki and his wife and daughter over the past 18 months.

The AMI Plc website states Annesley and Gordon to be AMI employees in Zimbabwe.

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