Africans are not doing enough for starving Somalia

I am aware of the presence of AU military force in Somalia and I appreciate what they have done and continue to do. It  is because of their efforts that the World Food Program can access tens of thousands of starving Somalis in the capital.. Without AU army, the delivery of food and all emergency  necessities will not be possible.

However, this is not enough for the current problem in Somalia. Famine in that country is bigger than what people think and therefore could not be only solved by the power of military forces. The situation demands urgency because many Somali children are dying on a daily basis due to lack of help. Food and shelters are the major problem and African countries are sitting in silence as if they can not  hear  or see. I do not know how many people should die before the necessary action is taken.

At the continental level, African leaders through the AU have been concerned about various facets of the challenges of governance. At first hand, the objectives and principles of the Union are clearly based on the promotion of democratic institutions, observance of human rights, rule of law and the handling of gender issues, as a context for strengthening popular participation and democracy. However, this does not mean other challenges such as hunger should be ignored.

In my opinion, it will be ideal for African nations to take a step further to solve continental problems. The Somali famine is supposed to be everybody’s problem, since it is disturbing environmental peace, security and social well-being of the nation, at a continental and global level. It also serves as a warning to all nations of the world.

Let it be a clear warning to all Namibian leaders and citizens, who choose to participate in unnecessary demonstrations that hold nothing rather than disturbing the peace and harmony of our beloved nation.

Let us stand together to oppose tribalism, racism and division in order to raise our hands of help to the nations in need. For we must not only help our friends, but anyone who require our help.

The churches also have a big role to play, especially in situations of poverty. In Namibia we are lucky that the large part of the population is Christians. I challenge you to show your Christianity values and brotherhood in times of difficulties

Elia TulongOmwene Ndamanepo

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