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Ugandan politician Bobi Wine arrested for protesting

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Ugandan opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine, has been arrested in the capital, Kampala.

The former presidential candidate was leading a team of MPs from his party, the National Unity Platform, in a protest on Monday.

Bobi Wine and his fellow politicians were protesting the arrests and disappearances of their supporters in the lead up to, during, and after the January presidential election.

Local media reported that security forces fired tear gas to disperse the crowd that was marching with the politicians.

Uganda’s leading TV station published video of how Bobi Wine was arrested.

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On Bobi Wine’s official twitter account, a message was posted saying “The right to protest peacefully is a fundamental human right. We are protesting for hundreds of missing Ugandans whose families have not heard from them for months! Those who have showed up have been grossly tortured- castrated, fingernails plucked out, eyes smashed, etc.”

On Sunday, Bobi Wine called on his supporters to use peaceful means to protest against the election results.

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The politician has claimed the elections were rigged but withdrew an earlier legal challenge while insisting that security forces produce his missing colleagues.

Last year Bobi Wine’s arrest sparked two days of protests leading to the death of over 50 peopled.

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