GEOSTRATEGY: A Geographic Map may hide A strategy for mental subordination

Map Of Africa“To defend a continent, we must love and to love Africa, we must have the intellectual capacity to put as priority the deconstruction of mental conditioning in which virtually the whole population lies. “ By Jean Paul Pougala

A- BORN-RENAISSANCE OF INTELLECTUAL DISSENT:The example of Bruno Giordano (1548-1600)

Bruno was a Dominican priest, professor of philosophy, mathematics, physics. He was accused of heresy by the Roman Catholic Church for having maintained that the universe was infinite and not finite and, as such, the earth was suspended in a vacuum and therefore there was no sky. First he bare a piece of wood in his mouth so he does not scream during torture by fire, He died burned at the stake in central Rome February 17, 1600. His killing at the center of Campo dei Fiori in Rome is made a spectacle by the Vatican to the Catholic faithful gathered in Rome for the Jubilee, after eight years of detention and trial. On this spot now shines a giant statue in his honor.

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