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Humanism and Stigma of Non-Religiosity in Africa

By Leo Igwe June is a special month for humanists and those who espouse a non-religious life stance around the globe. Put differently, June is the Humanist History Month. June 21 is world humanist day. On this day, humanists celebrate humanist ideals and values. Incidentally, the celebration of world humanist day happens mainly in the West because western countries have a long and strong tradition of humanism. Organized humanism has evolved over the years and continues to grow from strength to strength. The world humanist day is marked by lectures,…

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Lifestyle Nigeria 

Humanism and Transformation of Medical Missions in Nigeria

By Leo Igwe Humanism stands for change, for socio-cultural change and progress. And in Nigeria`s health sector, some change is imminent. The humanist movement is set to transform the landscape of medical and health care delivery because the medical sector is one area where religious privilege is quite pronounced. On June 23, 2019, the Humanist Association of Nigeria (HAN) recorded a milestone in this respect. It held the first secular medical outreach in the country. The Lagos Chapter of the Humanist Association of Nigeria hosted the medical program in conjunction…

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Humanism in Nigeria Africa OP-ED 

Twenty Years of Humanism in Nigeria

The Nigerian Humanist Movement (NHM) was founded in 1996 and the main goal was to provide an alternative to religion and a sense of community to non-religious and non-theistic persons. This was a period when the country was under military dictatorship and human rights abuses were rampant. Fear and uncertainty reigned during General Abacha’s military regime and provided subsoil for the spread of religion and superstition. This situation called for the urgency of an outlook that emphasized individual liberty and tolerance, reason and critical thinking, and other skeptical and secular…

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