State House compares Malawi pres. Joyce Banda with Barack Obama

After her address, Banda, Africa’s second female president, received a standing ovation from the crowd, which consisted of many Heads of State and Government and global celebrities. Many members of the audience were visibly moved by the President’s words about “her Madiba”, according Nhlane.

Social media network, Twitter also exploded with numerous tweets reflecting the positive sentiment that the President stirred in her speech. Some tweets even saying that the President’s speech was on a par with President Barrack Obama’s address, according to Nhlane.

He said prominent personalities who tweeted #Joycebanda were people like Radio and TV star Dineo Ranaka and TV programmes such as Carte Blanche and activist accounts such as LeadSA.


With Twitter reaching a global audience, the discussion generated will have done a huge amount to restore confidence in Malawi by the population of those countries who support the country with donor aid.

During her speech the President noted how Mandela served as her role model especially during difficult times in her political career, referring to him as “My Madiba.” She also talked about her leadership philosophy. Twitter followers responded passionately by quoting parts of her speech and commenting positively on her leadership style.

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