Rwanda People’s Party (PPP) Open Letter to Obama


It is in a spirit of dialogue, mutual esteem and respect that we must continue to expand our cooperation,in order to meet challenges of our common battle against poverty, unemployment, sexual and racial discrimination, and terrorism, genocide and genocide ideology. Our resolute commitment for a universal education for every child, the rights for Gay and Lesbian couples to marry and adopt children, the right to abortion and environmental protection as well as consolidating our joint struggles to promote freedom and democracy in Rwanda and beyond.

Today, the people of the Great Lakes Region of Nations are faced with a grim and catastrophic time bomb, waiting to engulf the entire region as a result of continued ethnic cleansing. The racism, hatred, segregation and persecution by the DRC government targets vulnerable and minority people in the Kivu provinces of the DRC because of their ethnicity and physical appearance is a challenge to all civilised nations and people.

Indeed, Africa as a continent also is experiencing enormous opportunities and challenges which emanate from a sweeping regional political, economical and social transformation of our times. In the Eastern African Region, we are witnessing opportunities emanating from the birth of a new nation of South Sudan and the re-emerging of the state of Somali in a club of nations, while in the Central African Region, the resilience people of the Kivu provinces of the DRC are still faced with challenges of fighting for their destiny, following decades of repression, segregation, persecution and neglect.

On 3rd November 2012, two Congolese soldiers lost their lives after a violation of Rwandan territorialintegrity at which over 100 FARDC soldiers crossed into Rwanda on the rampage and began shooting at Rwandan soldiers. This kind of aggression and provocation of a sovereignty state is extremely dangerous and also a breeding ground for regional political instability if not addressed.


I believe that it is in the ultimate interest of your good leadership to support the efforts of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) led by H.E. President Yoweri Musevini of Uganda, who has been working tirelessly to bring all parties in conflict to a negotiating table to resolve the current DRC crisis without further bloodshed. I have no doubt that your government clearly understands the importance of the critical and influential role Uganda is playing in global peace and security initiatives, in particular in Somalia and CAR.

I believe that the issue of DRC is a political one that could be resolved regionally by the people who clearly understand its root causes. This can only be addressed through removing the fears and barriers as well as other elements that trigger local people to respond violently in their self-defense. There is no doubt that political problems in the DRC have similarities to the ethnic conflicts in the former occupied territories and provinces of Aceh, Ambon Island, Bali and the Island of East Timor in Indonesia, the Balkan states in the former Yugoslavia, Kosovo province in Serbia and the bloody conflicts between the Sudanese Christians in the South and Arabs in the North.

As for my country Rwanda, without our close partnership, we will never be able to find satisfactory answers to the many challenges that my people are facing today and tomorrow. This is why my party, the Rwanda People’s Party is appealing for your support to play an essential role in this Endeavour.

My party shares the same ambition with the United States of America of guaranteeing peace, security and prosperity. In a spirit of solidarity, for all innocent, the defenseless and the downtrodden, I am very convinced that together we can make a difference to our people.

Your re-election campaign was vigorous and charismatic; full of hope and inspiration for a future that touched the heart of men and women of all American working life. Your re-election testifies to the American people’s confidence in your leadership and for your struggle for a better world for all.

With such conviction, I am conveying assurances of my highest consideration.

Sincerely yours,

John V Karuranga,

Rwanda People’s Party
Facebook: John V Karuranga

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