President Kabila suspend General Gabriel Amisi for Humiliating loses to M23

Mende said criminal networks in the army are enabling senior officers to enrich themselves by controlling and trafficking natural resources, notably ivory poached by armed groups.

Citing the U.N. report, Mende said General Amisi had given hunting weapons to several armed groups including the Raia Mutomboki, who are accused of many atrocities, and that he had also given 300 AK-47 rifles to the Nyatura militia, who are accused of killing civilians and burning many homes.

Earlier on Thursday a network of Congolese human rights groups, RENADHOC, had called on the president to sack Amisi and three government ministers as well as the head of the national police.
RENADHOC’s executive secretary is Fernandez Murhola.
He says that RENADHOC members welcome the decision to suspend Amisi but they think the decision should have been taken sooner and is not enough.  He says they think President Kabila should suspend many other senior officers.
Amisi was not accused by the U.N. experts of handing over weapons to the M23 rebels, whose recent victories have humiliated the army and government.
But Murhola suggested that Amisi and other senior officers were working with the M23 group.


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