Prof. Rose Leke on the achievements in African immunology and public health [Interview]

Professor Rose Leke, an esteemed immunologist, shares insights into her recent L’Oréal-UNESCO international award for women in science and discusses significant advancements in the field.

Reflecting on technological strides, Professor Leke emphasizes the pivotal role of mRNA vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic. She lauds the establishment of BioNTech’s manufacturing facility in Kigali, Rwanda, which marks a critical step towards Africa’s self-sufficiency in vaccine production. 

She also mentions the Pan-African vaccine manufacturing initiative and the innovative work at the University of Cape Town as cornerstones for a hopeful future in African healthcare.

A part of the interview with Africanews focuses on Cameroon’s recent launch of a systematic malaria vaccination campaign. Despite initial skepticism, the campaign has seen encouraging participation and no adverse side effects, signaling a positive reception among the populace.

Addressing the concerns of parents about the malaria vaccine’s partial effectiveness, Professor Leke urges trust in the vaccine, citing successful pilot programs in Kenya, Ghana, and Malawi. She reassures that the vaccine significantly reduces the severity of malaria in children, ultimately saving lives.

Sourced from Africanews

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