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Police Is Wrong. Then, Why Detaining Other Hilton Hotel “Undertakers”? By Adeola Soetan

I don’t think police is right not to have declared the fleeing Adedoydin Jnr. wanted after he had been mentioned in a criminal case by other suspects as the Hilton Hotel Resident “Chief Undertaker” of the corpse of Timothy Adegoke. 

Autopsy report will say the cause of death not how and who transfered the corpse  to his temporary burial ground before police found the corpse. So to say that an alleged Chief Undertaker can’t be declared wanted in order to give his own evidence when other “undertakers” are still in detention, is standing logic on its head in a vital criminal case.

Either way the autopsy report goes, there’s already a case of illegal removal of a hotel guest’s corpse and thrown away without the consent of his family and without police knowledge, to be prosecuted. And Raheem Adedoyin had been mentioned by his “co-conspirators”. Police had also told the public that Raheem, Hilton Hotel MD is on the run. If police declared that a suspect is on the run from investigation, then by implication, it means that the suspect is declared wanted.

The questions to ask are:
*Are the police looking for Adedoyin Jnr. in connection with a criminal case? If yes, why can’t they declare him wanted since he had decided to run away like the notorious Maina. Declaring people wanted is not the same as finding them guilty.

During ex- VC Wale Omole’s inglorious supreme reign in Great Ife, the same Osun state  police division always declared radical  student activists wanted almost on weekly basis. Tony Fash, Demola Yaya, Embody, Sista Lamide and a host of other socialist students from SCAP (now DSM) and Pacesetter were declared wanted. That nonsense of declaring students who were on campus and never invited by the police wanted stopped when students union also declared the notorious VC wanted and placed N10k on his head in a tit for tat beautiful response. 

*If perchance, members of the public run into the fleeing Adedoyin Jnr in Lagere drinking palm wine or in a Lagos nite club frolicking in the midst of ladies, can they inform the police or arrest him?

*Then, why can’t the police release other hotel staff still being held on bail and tell them to make regular appearance at the police station until when the police is ready to prosecute them or not after the autopsy report is out, since they are not declaring their boss, the lead Undertaker wanted?  I think what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

*Are the police saying that if armed robbers are arrested and members of the gang mentioned a person, who’s on the run, as their leader, they won’t declare the gang leader wanted? 

Well, perhaps, one can understand why police have not taken Adedoyin the father to court because as at now, the Maye of Ife and the owner of Hilton hotel has maintained that he was misinformed by his hotel staff and managers (may be including the Hotel’s’MD, his  fleeing son) and his statement has not been disproved by his staff and his son, who’s alleged to be the Chief Undertaker?
 It’s for the police to find out the truthfulness or otherwise of the statement of Adedoyin the father through diligent investigation which may include his telephone conversation with his son and hotel staff and other people, before and after the deed of alleged murder of Timothy or “his death peacefully” in his sleep had occurred.

Post Autopsy Report Projections.
1. Either way the autopsy report goes, the hotel staff and Adedoyin Jnr have a case to answer based on their confession that they gave the corpse of their guest a secret indecent burial without informing the police and the bereaved family for their consent, assuming the autopsy reports says Timothy died naturally without being murdered ritually or by any other means.

2. The fleeing Adedoyin Jnr. if and when arrested or he surrenders himself after autopsy report, has a case to answer to tell the police why he fled, except he’s able to disprove his hotel staff that he was the Chief Undertaker of Timothy’s secret and illegal “funeral”

3. Adedoyin the father may be eventually released by the police if his claimed innocence and being misinformed by his hotel staff is not disproved  by any person but corroborated by statements of others and by police diligent investigation including tracking his telephone conversation during the period. Prosecuting him without disprovable facts to counter his claim will be a mere academic exercise by the police/ state. And this may possibly due to public pressure and interest on the case. Police must go beyond the sufface to dig out hard facts before his prosecution, if any. 

4. But if Adedoyin’s statement of being misinformed as the reason of his initial denial that Timothy lodged in his hotel, is contradicted with facts, Chief Maye may be on his way to court for prosecution and possible conviction for murder, conspiracy, concealment of information before or after the act of crime,  criminal misinformation or “orishirishi” charges. Trust police and state counsels to come out with 1001 charges in Nigeria. The charges will however  largely depend on the outcome of the much awaited autopsy report.

Lastly, I continue to ask myself that which type of a son will be so hardened to be the run when his prominent father who brought him up and entrusted so much in his care is in detention claiming his innocence, and such a son won’t come out from his hide out to clear his father out the mess and own up to his own crime, as alleged by the staff of his father’s hotel, the hotel he’s the Managing Director, as alleged. And if his father is part of the crime, he should be bold to come out and say it, loud and clear. Again, it bores down to the character of the Adedoyins, the father and the son and by extention, the character of the  staff they employed in their  hospitality industry 

Now matter the outcome of the autopsy, Timothy Adegoke and his  bereaved family deserve justice and justice must be seen to be done to all, without fear or favour. The police must do its job well and the watchful public must not go to bed now but always be vigilant.
Justice for Timothy is non-negotiable.

Sourced From Sahara Reporters

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